Tomato allergy eczema | Cause,symptoms and treatment of Tomato allergy

Tomato allergy eczema

Nowadays, food allergy and Tomato allergy eczema is considered the most common disease in the world. Here is an understood that an allergy to tomato (Tomato allergy eczema)  is due to the statistic that they have a red color, which is the motivation for the improvement of such a feedback in humans.

Why do tomatoes cause allergies? Tomato allergy eczema

For tomatoes, the allergen is a substance in the pulp and seeds: either terpenes or profiling. Reactions do not occur on all kinds of tomatoes, some varieties being more allergenic than others. Sometimes only cherry tomatoes cause an allergy.

Symptoms also appear depending on the cooking method, with raw tomatoes causing more reactions. If a child suffers from eating raw tomatoes. It is often possible to have them eat tomatoes in a cooked dish. Know more about Tomato allergy eczema.

 In fact, the cells responsible for the body’s immunity i.e. basophils and mast cells consider tomato proteins to be dangerous substances. They then produce histamine which causes discomfort after ingestion of the food. Note that cooking the tomato inactivates certain allergenic compounds.

More Causes of tomato allergies Tomato allergy eczema

This type of allergy is called nutritional. It occurs due to an allergic reaction of a person to one of the substances in tomatoes – anthocyanin or lycopene. But it should also be understood that cases are sometimes observed intolerance of various chemical additives. And other harmful ingredients that fall into tomatoes due to the process of cultivation in production. This complements nitrates, different dyes and preservatives. It is noteworthy that if the tomatoes themselves can be transferred perfectly normally. Know more about Tomato allergy eczema.

Common symptoms of a tomato allergy Tomato allergy eczema

Tomato allergy remains a rare form of hypersensitivity, even though it is a commonly eaten food. It is manifested by skin irritations (pimples, hives, and red spots). The most serious form is anaphylactic shock, with suffocation and loss of consciousness. Depending on the degree of tolerance, the allergen can lead to a transient attack, that is, from a few minutes, to a prolonged attack of a few hours. Tomato allergy can also occur right after ingestion of the food or during the digestion process. Know more about Tomato allergy eczema.


Usually, the person feels a tingling in the mouth or itches on the arms. She may also feel nauseous or vomit. In severe forms, tomato allergy can manifest as diarrhea. Anaphylactic shock can also occur: blood flow suddenly stops; breathing is difficult because the airways are blocked by inflammation. The situation is very serious and involves the vital prognosis of the allergic person. Know more about Tomato allergy eczema.


The question of tomato allergy in children arises only after dietary diversification. Parents may accidentally observe scratching lesions on the skin at or just after eating. Sometimes it is the anaphylactic shock that arouses suspicion about a possible allergy.

Tomato allergy more symptoms Tomato allergy eczema

  1. The symptoms of hypersensitivity to tomatoes are very similar to those of any other food intolerance. They can appear after 1-1.5 hours after eating an allergen, and only after a few days.
  2. Pain in the stomach, diarrhea and vomiting with nausea.
  3. Spasms of bronchial tubes, emergence of conjunctivitis, severe attacks of bronchial asthma, and also intact rhinitis. Know more about Tomato allergy eczema.

Allergy to yellow tomatoes Tomato allergy eczema

Usually orange or yellow tomatoes do not cause intolerance. Because they almost do not contain an allergen that contains a lot of fruits, vegetables and berries of red color – anthocyanin. Know more about Tomato allergy eczema.

Oral allergy

If you suffer from grass pollen allergies, eating tomatoes during pollen season can itch your lips, mouth, and throat immediately afterward. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia says that the proteins in tomatoes can be mistaken by your immune system for grass pollen. Oral allergy syndrome mainly causes itchy skin in the mouth area and will very rarely cause irritation elsewhere.

Tomato pollen allergy

Sometimes an allergy to a pollen tomato occurs during work in a greenhouse or as a result of planting seedlings in a city apartment. In this case, there is a strong saturation of the allergen in the air of a small, rarely ventilated room.


Allergy to small tomatoes

Allergy to tomatoes in a child can manifest itself immediately after the first use of this vegetable. Because children, unlike adults, can have various complications. Before giving their child their tomatoes for the first time, parents should discuss this matter with the pediatrician.

Complications and consequences

 If you do not start treating allergies in time, over time it can first turn into bronchial asthma in chronic form or allergic dermatitis. And later, after 3 years, in addition to intolerance to tomatoes. There will also be intolerance to wool, pollen, cosmetics, ordinary dust and other irritants. Know more about Tomato allergy eczema.

Analyzes Tomato allergy eczema

 Tomato allergy is more accurately detected by a blood test. The human body after exposure to the allergen begins to produce IgE the so-called antibodies to immunoglobulin E. And the analysis allows you to check the presence of these substances in the blood. With a positive test result, it is safe to say that a person suffers from a tomato allergy. Know more about Tomato allergy eczema.

Tomato allergy treatment Tomato allergy eczema

  1. Allergy to tomatoes can be finished by a different diet. Like any other food intolerance, it should be treated by eliminating the allergen from the food intake. To do this, stop eating tomatoes and one of its derivatives – ketchup, red sauces and tomato juice. In addition, you should always and carefully study the composition of any dishes you are going to use. In addition, since it is known that antigens, which are the etiological factors of an allergy can be removed by heat treatment. You should try to use cooked vegetables instead of fresh vegetables. Know more about Tomato allergy eczema.
  2. Do you suspect a tomato allergy in your child? The best thing to do is to prevent him from eating it. Be careful not to accidentally offer him any dish that might contain tomato. In case of suspicion, it is better to plan an allergically consultation. This helps to confirm the diagnosis. The doctor will use tests such as the anti-profiling immunoglobulin E test or the skin test.
  3. If the seizure occurs after undetected consumption, parents can use antihistamines. The pediatrician will prescribe corticosteroids depending on the severity of the symptoms. In case the consumption of tomato triggers an anaphylactic shock. You must immediately go to the emergency room or call for help.


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