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Definition Of Test Brucellose Pour Chien

Doggy brucellosis is affected via the germs Brucella canis. It is very contagious between dogs. The bacteria are transmitted mainly orally via infected bodily fluids (semen, urine, vulvar discharge during estrus, childbirth or during abortion) test brucellose pour chien.

There is a slight risk of dog-to-human transmission (there have been just over 40 cases since 1960). Canine brucellosis is classified as a reportable disease in the United States.

Animal brucellosis test brucellose pour chien

In 1968, in France, the estimate of the annual prevalence of infected cattle, sheep and goats was half of herds and a quarter of animals 22 . This situation led, the same year, to prophylactic measures, but not compulsory. They became so in 1975, with regard to cattle. They consist of 23 test brucellose pour chien :

  • Mandatory declaration of abortions, whatever the cause;
  • Serological and bacteriological examination of the animal having aborted;
  • If the diagnosis is positive: serological screening in the herd in question, and slaughter of the infected animals within 30 days;
  • Compensation for the breeder;
  • Surveillance of animal movements (all cattle herds) test brucellose pour chien.

These procedures be there sweeping to goats in 1977, besides to conformists in 1981. In 1989, the infection rate was only 0.09% of animals for cattle, 0.10% for goats, and 0. 23% for sheep 22 .

Symptoms Of Brucellosis In Dogs and test brucellose pour chien

In dogs, this disease has different symptoms in males and females.

A female with brucellosis may report the following symptoms:

  • Abortion between the 45th and 55th day of pregnancy;
  • High rate of prenatal mortality;
  • Vulvar infections and discharge.

In male dogs, brucellosis may be more difficult to detect. It can be expressed by the following symptoms:


  • Inflammation of the epididymis;
  • Testicular atrophy;
  • Scrotal infections.

Generally, any infection of the canine reproductive tract can be a sign of canine brucellosis test brucellose pour chien.

In both males and females, the disease can lead to sterility of the animal. It is in any case recommended to sterilize the affected animals, as a precautionary measure.

Can We Treatment Brucellosis In Dogs? test brucellose pour chien

Unfortunately, brucellosis in dogs cannot be treated permanently. Thus, a sick dog will always be a carrier of the bacteria test brucellose pour chien.

Once the disease is diagnosed, two steps are usually taken:

1) An antibiotic , which protects the dog against the symptoms of the disease;A sterilization , which prevents the

2) Sick animal from happening again and to reduce the production of bacteria.

For obvious reasons, the dog should be kept away from the farm, and from any animal or person likely to contract the disease.

In some cases, lifelong treatment may be required, hence the importance of preventing this disease.

How Does The Disease Affect Humans?

Human contamination takes place in different ways. Most often, transmission to humans occurs through ingestion of fresh dairy products (raw milk) from animals infected with the bacteria.

It can also occur through contact with animals with brucellosis: this is especially the case for breeders, veterinarians and slaughterhouse staff exposed to infection by handling infected animals, runts and placentas.

The handling of manure or other soiled products, the ingestion of vegetables from soils treated with manure or the inhalation of dust from soiled litter can also contaminate humans.

The best way to avoid cases of human brucellosis is to eradicate the disease from livestock and therefore transmission to humans.

Which Kind Of Symptoms Of The Disease In Humans?

The primary infection can manifest itself in the form of crude symptoms and go unnoticed. The infection can then remain silent for several months or even years, and reactivate during another illness or health event.

Incubation after the primary infection lasts from a few days to 1 month. The disease in humans is manifested by nonspecific signs ranging from isolated fever or common flu-like syndrome to focused infections of the joints (arthritis), testes (orchitis) or the central nervous system (meningitis).

Untreated, brucellosis can become chronic and be responsible for disabling joint damage in particular.


Human brucellosis

In the xx th  century, human brucellosis was more common in rural than urban areas. Human epidemiology depends on animal epidemiology: in parallel with animal cases, human cases have decreased in France, going from more than 800 cases declared in 1978 to 146 cases in 1989.

Human disease being often unrecognized, there is a strong under-declaration (to be corrected by a factor of 5 to 10 in France 24 , and 26 in the United States 25 ).


In 1997, in France, 77 cases remained informed, placed mostly in the south of the nation state ( Landes , Pyrénées-Orientales ), by equivalent reputation of the ways of infection (direct professional contact with infected animals, consumption of infected raw dairy products).

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