Sore throat ear pain one side | Causes,symptoms,treatment of sore throat

Sore throat ear pain one side

Do you want to know about sore throat ear pain one side causes,symptoms and Treatment? Read this full article to know details about sore throat ear pain one side. 

What is sore throat? sore throat ear pain one side

A sore throat is characterized by discomfort or a burning sensation in the throat. Its causes are variable: a viral or bacterial infection, an environmental origin, pain caused by another disease. Discover, with Ooreka, all the diseases that cause a sore throat. Read more about sore throat ear pain one side. 

Causes of sore throat sore throat ear pain one side

  1. Epiglottis
  2. Dry air and air conditioning
  3. Zenger’s diverticulitis
  4. Cough
  5. Vocal cord disease
  6. Pharyngitis
  7. Pulmonary infection
  8. Tracheitis
  9. Thyroid problem
  10. Laryngitis
  11. Inflammation of the uvula
  12. Read more about sore throat ear pain one sid

Symptoms associated with sore throat sore throat ear pain one sid

  • Pain when swallowing
  • Red throat
  • Dry throat
  • Stuffy nose and chapped lips
  • Discomfort in the throat
  • Ears pain
  • White pimples in the throat
  • Lump in the throat
  • Fever
  • Itchy throat
  • Read more about sore throat ear pain one side.

Treatment and prevention of sore throat sore throat ear pain one side

Medical treatment may be necessary, including antibiotics when the diagnosis establishes the presence of strep throat. A sore throat due to a slight cold snap can be cured by natural treatments. Ooreka takes stock of the different treatments and prevention. Read more about sore throat ear pain one side.

As soon as a slight sore throat occurs, self-medication can be attempted provided that this sore throat is not accompanied by fever or headache or other symptoms.

In this case, one can use the treatments of his medicine cabinet, if one has good syrup or lozenges for the throat.

We can also in this case, make a herbal tea with some notions of herbal medicine or aromatherapy.

Grandmother’s remedies can also have good results, for example preparing good toddy to take before bed.

Nevertheless, a doctor’s consultation must be systematic for cases of sore throat accompanied by fever, persistent sore throat or sore throat in fragile people (children, pregnant women, the elderly, immune suppressed people, and people with already a disease with heavy treatment). Read more about sore throat ear pain one side.

Medical treatments for a sore throat sore throat ear pain one side


Syrups can be used against sore throats and coughs. If you have a dry cough that irritates your throat, you can take a so-called cough syrup (Tussidane ° type). However, it is not always advisable to remove this symptom, except in cases of significant discomfort. The expectorant syrups (type Bronchokod °) will help if cough to reject more easily in the mucus thinner. Read more about sore throat ear pain one side.


If you have symptoms of a cold with a sore throat, medicines containing paracetamol (such as Humex ° or Actifed °) can help relieve the pain. However, these sore throat medications contain decongestant vasoconstriction which are contraindicated in pregnant women and children under 15 years of age. Read more about sore throat ear pain one side.

Other local treatments

To calm your sore throat, you can also use other topical treatments. The mouthwashes spray you bring quick relief. You can also opt for lozenges to suck.

In addition, in the event of a persistent sore throat, it is preferable to consult a doctor so that he can advise you on the appropriate treatment. If your doctor considers it useful, he may also prescribe homeopathy to treat a sore throat. Read more about sore throat ear pain one side.

Sore throat and medication

There are several kinds of medicines to treat a sore throat. When the sore throat is mild, some people prefer to go straight to the pharmacy and ask for something to relieve themselves effectively.

The pharmacist can offer various forms of therapeutic presentations depending on the preferences of the person.

Likewise, if it is an attending physician who prescribes certain drugs, he will leave the choice of the drug form, as far as possible. Read more about sore throat ear pain one side.

Types of medicines to soothe a sore throat: sore throat ear pain one side

There is a whole range of drugs to treat a sore throat and some laboratories also offer their products in various presentations.

For example:

  1. Throat lozenges;
  2. Syrups;
  3. Suppositories;
  4. Mouthwashes;
  5. The sprays.

You can make your choice according to your tastes or ease of use. Read more about sore throat ear pain one side.

Natural solutions for sore throat

  • Natural remedies

Some natural remedies are also very effective in relieving sore throat. Among the most famous remedies for grandmother’s sore throat, there is herbal tea with honey and lemon. You can also just use hot water.

  1. The lemon indeed has antiseptic properties and gives you vitamin C.
  2. The honey is also effective against sore throat thanks to its soothing and antiseptic also.
  3. The thyme is also recognized for its properties anti-inflammatory . You can use it to treat your sore throat in herbal tea or even in essential oil (in the absence of contraindication).

If you have a sore throat with difficulty swallowing due to sore throat , it is better to eat cold foods like ice cream, for example. Hot or spicy foods may increase your inflammation and will not pass swallowing as well. Read more about sore throat ear pain one side.

  • Grandmother’s remedies

There are many types of remedies and it will be necessary to adapt them according to:

From the time of intake:

  1. Some remedies are easier to prepare at home.
  2. Others, like toddlers, should preferably be taken in the evening before bedtime, as they contain alcohol.
  3. On the other hand, pregnant or breastfeeding women will not be able to take alcohol-based toddy.

Everyone’s tastes. Some people do not necessarily like milk; others prefer milk to the absorption of herbal tea.

Some plants used in grandmother’s remedies may not be recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Some remedies are not suitable for young children.

  • Sore throat and essential oils

The essential oils, also called plant essences are invaluable to our health, beauty and well-being.

However, even if they belong to the field known as “alternative medicine”, it is necessary to know when and how to use them.

Indeed, improperly used, an essential oil can burn. It is therefore necessary to know its properties, indications and contraindications and, if in doubt, seek medical advice.

When you feel the first symptoms of a cold snap and your throat is red or itchy, you can try to stop the process and relieve your throat with the help of certain essential oils, which can, depending on the case, be absorbed, used in gargles, used in bath water.

Among the most used in case of sore throat, we will find:

  1. Thyme essential oil,
  2. The essential oil of fine lavender ( Lavandula officinalis ),
  3. Sandalwood essential oil,
  4. Niaouli essential oil,
  5. Tea tree essential oil,
  6. Lemongrass essential oil.

More natural treatments to cure your sore throat:sore throat ear pain one side

The natural treatments to cure a sore throat are often based on the use of plants, which are used in several forms:

In herbal medicine:

The plants will be used in the form of herbal teas, infusions, decoctions or maceration.

The choice of the plant and the type of preparation depending on the problem to be treated, we can choose the internal use for a herbal tea or an infusion or the external use for the application of plants in poultice.

In aromatherapy:

We will use the essences of plants (essential oils – EO) that we mix with an excipient (honey or oil for example) for an external application or that we dilute in an oil for a curative massage or a bath to decongest the respiratory tract or to lower the temperature in case of fever. For example, you can mix 45 drops of EO of tea tree, 45 drops of EO of lemongrass and 30 drops of EO of fine lavender and place them in a 20 ml bottle, to be completed with jojoba vegetable oil. Shake before applying 15 drops to the throat up to 6 times a day from the first symptoms then three times a day beyond the first 48 hours.

As for the remedies of grandmothers, they can use herbal medicine, aromatherapy or other products (example: products from the hive).

Sore throat and homeopathy

Homeopathy comes in the form of tubes of granules. For more efficiency, the granules are placed under the tongue and let melt slowly.

Medicine does not recognize homeopathy and homeopathy remains classified as unconventional medicine. It was long thought that it was a placebo without being able to prove its effectiveness. However, it is now increasingly recognized, but we prefer to classify it as alternative medicine.

What makes it attractive is that we can obtain results in certain disorders where medicine does not work effectively (example: allergies). It is also the fact that it has no side effects like some drugs, such as antibiotics.

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