Chagas disease | 3 Best Natural Supplement to chagas disease

Introduction of Chagas disease 

Chagas disease, also known as American trypanosomiasis, is an infectious disease caused by the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi. In the United States, it is most common in rural areas with poor sanitation and among immigrants from Central and South America where the disease was more prevalent before it was eradicated in the 1950s. Approximately 8 million people are infected with Chagas disease worldwide, but the spread of this parasite has been stopped in some countries thanks to vector control programs like those implemented by The Carter Center in Bolivia and Peru.


What Is Chagas Disease?

Chagas disease, also known as American trypanosomiasis or South American sleeping sickness, is a chronic parasitic infection caused by Trypanosoma cruzi. It’s spread to humans through contact with feces from infected triatomine bugs and can cause heart failure in advanced cases. For those with chagas who are infected but not showing signs of illness, or for those who don’t know they’re infected, it’s important to catch and treat the disease early. And that’s where vinblastine comes in…


Are There Natural Ways To Treat The Condition Chagas Disease?

Just as there are natural ways to prevent chagas disease, there are also natural ways to treat it. The first step, of course, is detection. Many patients who have contracted chagas fail to realize they’re sick because many symptoms are nonspecific and can be easily confused with other illnesses. Once an individual has tested positive for T. cruzi, one of a number of options is available. There’s no single cure-all, but researchers and doctors do have some promising treatments that are worth exploring if you think you or someone you love may have contracted chagas disease. Here are four of them


Are There Any Side Effects To Taking These Supplements?

While some people may be more susceptible than others, certain side effects are common when taking herbs and supplements. Most of these side effects are mild, but some can have more significant consequences depending on your health condition. Common side effects include nausea, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. It’s recommended that you talk with your healthcare provider before taking a supplement to make sure it is safe for you to take in combination with any other medications or treatment plans. To learn more about chagas disease and how it can be treated naturally at home, call our helpline today at 888-217-4257!


Where Can I Get The Best Supplements for Chagas Disease?

The American Heart Association explains that poor nutrition can cause several conditions, including obesity, which can lead to this disease. Additionally, they note that heart disease and stroke are major risks of chagas disease. The best way to avoid chagas disease is through prevention. Contact a healthcare professional if you’re at risk of developing chagas or already have it. A healthcare professional will recommend supplements and lifestyle changes so you don’t develop further complications. Prevention should be your first step! You may also want to consider adding a natural supplement into your routine if you’re an adult living in Brazil or Guatemala; both countries have high rates of chronic chagas infections.


3 best supplements for Chagas Disease

There are three main supplements that can be used as natural treatments for Chagas disease. All three of these are very inexpensive and have been clinically proven by multiple sources to have a positive effect on sufferers of Trypanosoma cruzi, or Chagas disease. These supplements include 1) Caprylic acid, 2) Garlic oil, and 3) Parasite cleanse capsules. The specific brand names of each one don’t really matter so much as just their ingredients. Simply make sure you choose ones with those three things in them if you want an effective treatment for Chagas disease without dangerous side effects.


How Much Should I Take?

A high dosage of niacin is one of chagas disease’s most promising treatments. But what’s considered a high dosage, exactly? It depends on who you ask. While some health experts recommend starting at a relatively low amount—2 g per day, three times per week—and gradually increasing that amount, others suggest a much more aggressive approach: 10 g per day for 10 days out of every month, indefinitely. The latter is more likely to cause side effects such as flushing and itching, so it’s important not to rush things; rather than increasing your dosage too quickly, ramp up slowly over time. If you want to know more visit here.


What If These Herbs Don’t Work For Me?

Herbal supplements are generally safe—there are no known cases of death from their use. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t have some adverse side effects in some patients. Some people are more sensitive than others, so it’s important that you read product labels and do your own research before taking any supplement. If you experience any negative side effects while taking herbs or supplements, stop using them and seek help from a medical professional.


Are There Any Alternatives To Herbal Treatment?

The herbal remedy for Chagas disease is not accepted in all countries. In fact, a natural supplement for chagas disease and trypanosomiasis should be taken with extreme caution and under strict medical supervision. So it is usually best not to take any chances with such products and just stick with tried-and-tested treatments recommended by your doctor or health care provider. If you are determined to use herbs, however, there are a few safer options that can help with some of its symptoms

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